Seoul Expats Handball Club

First expats club created in Korea, the Seoul Expats Handball Club aims at giving everybody the opportunity to play the sport of Handball in Seoul and around Korea.

Male and female players, beginners and experts, foreigners and Koreans... everybody is welcome so do not hesitate to join the adventure, with us, with fun.

The Seoul Expats Handball Club was set-up in 2009 and aims at regrouping players amongst the expat community in Seoul. It is therefore a multicural team with players from Africa, America, Europe, Oceania and of course Asia as we're of course open to Koreans. Strong of 353 past members and over 35 currents active members, the Seoul Expat Handball Club (SEHC) has gathered handball novices and passionates.

Recently the association has been gaining attention as more and more people delve into this sport. For us the objective is and has always been to form a community around handball and to share our love and knowledge of this sport with as many people as possible.

Our recent participation at the 2020 Handball Tournament at Sk핸드볼 경기장, has proven to many the increasing public interest in this sport as many teams were present to compete.

This interest is not only reassuring to the Korean handball community but is also for us very motivating. We entend to put our effort in growing this community as well as the overall attraction of this sport to the Korean public.

For the rest, if you want to experience the adventure with us, see you in the field!